Day Thirteen: In Our Backyard { Weekending }

One question we get a lot about living in a condo is "Don't you miss having a yard?"  The short answer is, yes.  We do miss it and we often long for the freedom that a yard would give us, but the truth is even in that longing the Lord has been gracious.  I think I've shared this before but on our street alone we have three parks and multiple schools.  There are trails all around us and even better, we have a great green space on the property where we live with tons of trees and hills to play on.  It's beautiful and we have lots of space to run.  Would I love to open up our back door (if we had one) and just let the kids run outside?  Sure I would.  But honestly, we have plenty of options and we are so grateful.  When we bought here that was nothing we really considered because we never thought we'd be here with kids!  But again, as He always does, the Lord took care of us and provided for that need before we ever knew it existed.   

This weekend was gorgeous outside and with soccer over, we finally had some time and space to play.  I took some pictures of the amazing colors the Lord has painted all around us and particularly in our own backyard.  For all of our southern family looking for some Fall color, enjoy! 

It was incredibly windy on Saturday and our kids were cracking up trying to run against the wind and chase those leaves! 
 Pure joy.

 I don't know what game this is, but I'm so thankful my kids have a Daddy who is always willing to play.  
 Loving the defensive football poses!
 Perfect picture to capture Carter!  Running, airplane in one hand and a truck in the other, with a big grin on his face.  Meet, Carter!!  
And meet Ava, always in a dress and sweet as sugar! 

 Man, I love this time of year and I'm thankful we have some space to run and play without the burden of maintaining it!  That's a gift of grace I do not take for granted!  

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