Day Twenty-Two: The Kitchen (Part Two)

Continuing from yesterday...

As soon as the backsplash went in, we knew we needed to lighten up the paint color quite a bit.  Travis was headed out of town on a mission's trip and my parents offered to take the kids so I could have a few days to get some painting done.  Although I was loving the idea of relaxing in Iowa too, I knew this was the golden opportunity to knock some painting out without the kids in the mix.  That was confirmed when Carter had the primer accident a few days before they left!  
So I began priming all of the color out of the room.  
Which is truly no fun by yourself.  Looking at these pictures again almost makes me want to break out in hives.  SO. MUCH. WORK.
Already the impact was significant, the whole room got so much lighter and brighter. 
And then the fun part began!
I chose a very light tan that blends nicely with the countertops and gives our kitchen a great backdrop.  I toyed with going grey or a very light blue but it kept changing the colors in the tile so I decided against that. I'm glad I went with this color because we ended up painting the living room and the hallway in the same neutral color. 
And this is what it all looks like today! 
The knobs were an easy, inexpensive upgrade that give our cabinets a more finished look.  We also swapped out all of our plastic outlet covers for a brushed nickel finish that looks nice with the knobs and the faucet.
I am so happy with the way it all works together, my kitchen makes me smile now.  
When we moved in I had the ugliest stainless steel sink that was so shallow you could hardly wash a pan in it without spraying the room and we had a cheap builder grade faucet.  The whole thing was awful.
I found this sink, brand new and in the original package, for $20 on Craig's List!  Such a great find and another way to tie all of the white together and to give me a deep sink to work with.  I also chose this sleek and simple faucet to change up the look and I'm glad I did!
When we had two children we knew we couldn't keep our table on the carpet anymore, it was too messy and I didn't want the headache of food spilling all the time.  Again, our big kitchen and a $20 table I scored on Craig's list have served us very, very well.  I'd love to sand that table down and paint it, as well as get some new chairs.  I still like the style of the chairs very much but they were hand-me downs from my cousin's family and between their 4 kids and our 2, we have used them well and they are starting to get very wobbly and I know it's a matter of time before they break.  
So true! 
After I put this up not to long ago, Ava asked me, "Does that say I love Jesus and coffee??"  Ha!  
No, but it could say that too, that would also be true :) 
I love the way this kitchen has lightened up!  In my dreams I'd love to paint those cabinets a grey color, but I have reached the limit of what I'm willing to do and pay for around here!  They are nice cabinets and much better than they could have been.  I keep reminding myself to be thankful, even if I'm lost in a sea of oak! And yes, there is a trim piece missing over the sink that needs to go up, we just haven't gotten around to it yet.  
Just a few touches to break up all that space above the cabinets.  So wish they would have chosen tall cabinets to the ceiling! 

We continued that same color out here and it's made such a nice transition between the spaces.  Also a great place for Carter to extend his playing with his cars and trucks!  
He was a big fan of more tile and less carpet :) 
I am very, very thankful for this kitchen and for the beautiful space it provides while I'm cooking or serving my family.  I am glad the work is done and I hope someday in the near future it draws the eye of a buyer too!  It's amazing what some paint, backsplash, and some brushed nickel finishes will do!  Not to mention a lot of prayer, elbow grease and sweat.  

Now if only it looked this clean and orderly everyday, right??  
Thanks for touring with me!

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