Day Seventeen: Pumpkin Love

I love this time of year, have I mentioned that?  Fall is totally my favorite season and Fall in Minnesota??  It's glorious.  I love to make our annual trek to the pumpkin patch and the apple orchard for the memories, but also to bring a little bit of Fall into our house.  We go to Church near the *cutest* family nursery and I shop there in the spring, summer, and fall for plants, veggies and pumpkins!  

This past week my Dad was in town to play golf with an old friend who was also visiting and after they finished a round, we all made the trip to get pumpkins with the kids! I'd been promising them all week that we'd go there with Daddy and Grampy, and the weather was crisp but beautiful ALL day...until 30 minutes before we left.  Then a dark cloud loomed over us and spit out rain for a few minutes at time, and then it stopped and the sun came out, and then a few minutes later the cycle repeated itself.  But we didn't care!  My kids were excited and we were determined.  
Isn't it adorable and oozing with charm??
Ava was most excited I think, she spotted these Mums and after stopping to smell them she told me to take her picture by them.  Yep, totally my daughter!
Mums the size of a small bush.  Just huge and so gorgeous!
So pretty, right?
And this old stove with old, rusty cast iron skillets holding gourds???  SOLD.  Can I live here??
White is so fun I think.
But these beauties are definitely what we came for!
And my kids wasted no time looking for the "perf-tict" one, as Ava would say.
Ava was the chooser...
...and Carter was the hauler.
Until they spotted this little house!  Can you see the rain coming down?  I think they wanted to go in to stay dry!
Thankfully it wasn't too scary inside :) 
Daddy kept watch over the pumpkins for us.
And Carter tried to decide if he was brave enough to jump in the biggest pumpkin of them all!
We tried in vain for a family photo, but Carter was all out of sorts over that giant pumpkin jumpy thing.
So we sent them in and said, "forget the kids pic, we'll just take one together!" 
Man I love him.  
I also got a great one with my Dad.  So fun to have him there! My Mom was supposed to come up too but she threw her back out last week and literally couldn't move most of the week.  We were sad to miss her but thankful my Dad could still come.  
It was also fun to see his friend John, whom we hadn't seen for a few years.  We had a great time catching up with him and the kids thought he was so fun!  
Just a couple of grandpas trying to get shoes back on kids with wet socks.  Made me laugh! 
We found this cute little pumpkin out there! 
Not to mention this busy pumpkin!
We did manage to get a family pic after all before it really started raining, again.
Seriously, this place just does it for me!  It's always a highlight of my Fall must-do list.  
I posted this pic on facebook of these twisty, warty gourds and mini pumpkins we brought home.  I love the especially odd ones.  I think they are so interesting and it's always fun to have some real, live touches of fall at home! I'm glad we got that trip squeezed in, the temps are dropping in Minnesota and the snow flurries are not too far away.  Ready or not, winter is coming but hopefully not until we can enjoy a few more days of Fall! 

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