Day Ten: It Has to Get Worse...

...before it gets better, right?  Clearly I'm a few days behind, but I'm clawing my way back to get another few posts up this weekend.  I've forgotten how disciplined and/or short winded one must be to crank out a new blog post everyday.  Two things I haven't been on here for a long time! 

Now that most of the major work is done around here, we are essentially in the "put everything back stage."  There are some things about that stage I love, it's relatively easy to remember where I had everything before, but because I am who I am I just can't help but want to tweak everything.  
(Read: Try new things in every room and drive my husband crazy in the process.)   

I am embracing this "mini move" as an opportunity to purge what we don't need and really only keep the things we like.  Or just keep things that serve an important function.  It feels good to be selective and to scale our stuff back, but it means living with chaos for just a little bit longer.  
This week I tackled our closet. 
I only let myself have one day to do this, I knew I couldn't live with boxes in our room any longer or no place to hang clean clothes.  We've been living like that for weeks now and I can't take it for another day.  We had to take everything out for the new carpet to go in so it wasn't too hard to just dive in and go for it.  
Over the summer I got Trav's clothes sorted and we got rid of what didn't fit or what was too worn to keep but I never got around to my side of the closet.  I decided it was time to just bite the bullet and do it, and naturally it became a huge mess in the process.  
We have a pretty little closet (considering we share this one) and I am amazed at how we've been able to make it work.  My children now sleep in my original dream closet, so you can imagine how much I had to get rid of when we made the big move to the smaller one.  Somehow we've done it, but oh what I'd give to have the California Closet people come out and really help us maximize every inch!  And yes, I know you can buy the systems and install them yourself at lots of home improvement stores, but we are about DIY'ed out over here!  At this point I'd like to just leave for the day and come home to everything done.  Is that too much to ask??
 It is amazing (embarrassing) to realize all the clothes I have and how many I don't wear.  Some that were hanging in the back of the closet and I didn't even know I had??  Crazy.  I was pretty ruthless in my sorting and wow, did it feel good to let some stuff go!
Those are a lot of shirts on hangers, huh?  No wonder we've broken several closet rod pockets over the years!  

I'm baiting you with this post and leaving you with this mess.  
Sometimes, before you can find out what works for you or what makes better sense, everything just has to get worse before it gets better.  I think we can agree, we always know it's worth it in the end, but it's also not so much fun in the middle.  Kind of a perfect analogy for lots of things in life, I think.

You'll have to stop back tomorrow and see what I did to solve our space issue this time around...
It's still not California-Closet-perfect, but it is better!  

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