Day Twenty Three: Home Away From Home { Weekending }

Last week we snuck in a quick little overnight to a hotel in Minneapolis.  We were originally hoping to take our kids to the Wisconsin Dells this Fall but with a tight schedule and my ill-time sickness, the best we could do was a Friday night overnight.  Trav found this great spot with a very kid-friendly small water park inside.  We knew they would go crazy for it and we couldn't wait to surprise them! 
This giant train was the center of the whole thing, but not to only place to swim and play.  However for our kids, it was all they needed.  This place was not huge but it was the perfect size for their ages.  They swam and swam and swam some more, as did Travis and I, but you will see no pictures of me on this post!  I am not that humble :) 

Every 20 minutes or so a LOUD train whistle would blow and it would sound like a train was coming right through the depot as water began pouring out of the train and shooting out of other places in the park!  Our kids were scared of it and loved it all at the same time! 

Even Travis got in on the action!  This slide was too big and fast for our kids but they loved watching Daddy come flying out!

Of course of equal excitement for them was sleeping in the hotel.  
Nice toothpaste mouth, huh??
These two were pumped and not at all ready to sleep! We had a pj party after swimming, ordered room service for dinner, told make-believe stories, and just generally had fun :) 
And of course they jumped on their bed because what else do you do in a hotel? 
It took a while to unwind, but eventually we all got to sleep and then Travis got up and left super early to run a half-marathon the next morning.  I know, he's nuts.  The kids and I however slept in, went to breakfast, and hit up the water park again!

Daddy came back for a post-run soak in the hot tub before we had to check out.  We got to hear all about his race and his great finish!

We had a great time on our quick getaway, in fun hotel that is a converted train station downtown.  
The kids told us that they wished "we could live there forever!"  
Proof that it really doesn't matter where you lay your head, home is where family is!

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