Beth Moore!!!

I had the greatest time this weekend because Beth Moore was in town and I got to go!! I have to tell you first, that I LOVE Beth Moore. Not in an unhealthy, idol-on-a-pedestal way, but in a balanced and respectful way. I just have grown so much through her studies and I really credit her with inspiring me to love God's word more. I have lots to say about this weekend, but no time right now. In fact, it was so great and just what I needed to hear, so I am still processing it and wrestling with it. I will share some details when I can sit down and spend some time on it. I will say, if you EVER have the chance to go hear her, please do. You will not be disappointed and you will most assuredly hear a word from God. What I always love about her conferences is, that I drove home yesterday still loving Beth Moore, but loving Jesus and His word even more. And that's a great thing and worth every penny!

I went with my two sweet friends, Darla and Lisa. We had such a fun time together!

Our seats were amazing, just a few rows from the stage!! I was like a little kid the whole time, so excited to be up front!!!


MiMi said...

That must have been so much fun! I got to see Beth Moore in person one time a few years back when she was at a church in Columbia, SC and it was quite an experience.

I can't wait to hear more about your weekend!

Noah and Tucker's Mom and Dad said...

i'm actually getting to see her in louisville in 2 wknds with sis and mom!! so glad you got to go.

amy said...

love it! i'm so glad you were able to go... isn't God good to provide so richly for our souls? i am incredibly blessed by His word and love how it comes alive as He speaks to me! sounds like you had an awesome weekend!

Faith said...

Oh, how neat! We have a simulcast coming to a local church soon, and I'm planning to go...I've never heard her in person, but I've heard such great things.
I'm so glad that you were able to go and that it was a wonderful time with the Lord!
I have the same respect for her, and have grown so much in my walk with the Lord while doing some of her studies.
Can't wait to hear more!