"The Love Shack, Baby Love Shack..."

Last weekend, when we were in Iowa, I went over to the newlywed's house, which we've affectionately titled "The Love Shack" and helped Jen do some decorating. Dave was gone at work, so we went to town re-arranging and finding homes for their new stuff. Jennie did a great job, but it was fun to help her put some finishing touches here and there. Their little place reminded me of our newlywed days, trying to make a "home" with lots of used stuff, wedding gifts, and a few new items! But we loved it and so do Dave and Jennie. Their house is made of tin, yes TIN, and it's circa 1940's....they were manufactured homes that were designed for WW II vets to come home to and there are some still left, scattered all over the country. It was a great rental they found and it will be perfect the love birds! Thought you might like to see it!

Mrs. Knapp and her first front door!! Exciting Stuff!

The metal love shack at night picked up a reflection from my camera flash...we thought that was funny!

Jennie and Dave's cute little living room! We have big plans for that strange, wooden alcove!

They have a fun screened in porch in back, which Jen had looking cute.

My Mom and Jennie chillin on the porch on a hot summer day.


Jesse and Stacie said...

I love the pics! It looks really cute-I wanna see more of it :)

Faith said...

I LOVE the house!!! They have great taste, and can I just say that I would love to have that screen porch...awesome!!
Can't wait to see more and find out what you do with the wall behind the couch!