Date Night!

During the week at Family camp, we do have periods of time when we can just get away for awhile and spend time alone or with friends, just for fun. We try to take advantage of this because we're constantly going all day and night with students, so when we get the opportunity, we take it! On Wednesday night, we had a few hours, so we went to this little town in Wisconsin and found a great coffee shop. We went with Ryan and Ellie, two of our great junior high volunteers and our friends too. Travis has been discipling Ryan for a few years and I spent last year discipling Ellie. We LOVE them and always have a great time hanging out together. We discovered some games at the coffee shop, and decided on Star War's Monopoly. We played for 2 hours and Ellie won! It was nice to be off-campus for awhile and to "re-fuel" for the rest of the evening. Oh, and they had really great coffee too!

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