Sending my love to Peru!

Well, I've made it through the half-way mark now and in just a few days Travis will be back home! I haven't been able to talk to him for the last few nights, because they are so busy and up so late at night...I just can't stay up that long to wait for him! Skyping him has been totally fun does my soul good to see his handsome face!

According to the updates, everything is going well and their huge rallies at night are bringing thousands of people to Christ, so I know this trip will be one Travis will never forget! I love hearing the stories of who they are ministering to and how God is's so good to remember that He is God of this world, not just the United States! His church stands all over the globe and I love imagining what it will be like one day when "every tribe and tongue" will confess that HE IS LORD!! I told Travis before he left that if he needed to rescue any little Peruvian kids and bring one home, I would be fine with that! I am not making any kind of prediction or anything, but I really would love to have an international family someday...I definitely see adoption as something we would love to eventually pursue, although I don't know how, when or where!! You can just call us "Brad and Angelina!!" Just kidding.

Well, one thing I'm trying to take advantage of while my night owl husband is gone, is going to bed early! I LOVE to sleep and I would go to bed by 10 every night if I wasn't married to a late night guy! So, while I've got the chance, I'm going to bed early tonight!! Ryley is right here with me and loves the idea too (I can tell!) so I'm going to keep this brief. Thanks for praying with me over this week, I know the Lord is answering! Blessings to you all, I really appreciate the sweet comments you have left for me over the last few days...thanks!


Faith said...

Yay! It won't be long now!

So excited to hear that so many are coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus in Peru...that's what it's all about!

Enjoy your evening!

Noah and Tucker's Mom and Dad said...

you've almost made it!! so amazing to hear how God is working in and through the team. He is incredible!! enjoy your sleep.......