Lost Island Water Park

When we were home last weekend, we spent Saturday afternoon at a great water park in Waterloo. Travis and I went with my sister Jennie and we met my friend Amber, her husband Tim, and their daughter Ella. It is incredibly hot and humid in the midwest right now, and we could think of nothing more refreshing than a day in the water. However, the day we planned to go, it was cloudy, windy, and not hot. Of course. But, we decided to go anyway and I'm glad we did. It was fun to be in the water anyway and we made the most of the day. Mostly it was just fun to catch up and hang out together. Ella was a champ in the water, she loved it! Travis and Tim talked us into some scary things, mainly a huge "toilet bowl" thing that spit you out on a raft at an alarming speed, so we screamed our heads off and then laughed like crazy!! My favorite two things at a water park are the lazy river and the wave pool and we spent time in both, so I was a happy girl when we left. And of course the next day, the day we left, was hot, sunny and humid. Just to taunt us I'm sure...

Tim, Amber, Travis and I, trying to warm up after freezing on the water slides!!

We made the guys brave the cold water first, in the wave pool. Turns out it was the warmest pool there!

Ella, looking so darn cute with her ponytail and loving the water! For some reason the water in the baby pool was the coldest water in the park! But she didn't really even notice!

Cute picture of the the face Ella is making!!

The new bride and I, Mrs. Armstrong and Mrs. Knapp!

My very own Baywatch Hunk! I'm sure he'll love me saying that!!

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Faith said...

How neat! What a fun way to spend the day with family and friends! I haven't been to a waterpark in years!