Update from Peru

Travis and I at the Minneapolis Airport yesterday. He had the curb assignment, directing our team about where to go and check-in once they arrived.

I'm going to start a new feature on my blog I think, I'm going to call it..."Where in the world are Travis and Jason texting??" This is in the aiprort and I believe at this point they were texting some students who were late to see where they were!

So I just saw these prayer requests on our Church website and I would love to pass them along to you and ask you to pray with me. I have no idea how Travis is, I'm just trusting that they made it ok and all is well. He should be able to email me at some point during the week, but I know he's going to be busy from morning to night everyday, so I don't expect to hear much! But, I know that he is in the very capable hands of the Lord, so I can rest in that.

On this trip to Peru, our team of people from Grace (300) will be partnering with our sister church (The Callao Church) and their team (700) to blanket the city of Lima all day with lots of hands on ministry opportunities. We have street teams, medical teams, women's teams, prison teams, children's teams, legal teams, prayer teams, evangelism teams, and of course student teams that are out among people during the day and then each night we have a coliseum rented where they will be having huge outreach events. It's quite a production and obviously it requires a year of planning to pull it all off. Travis has been in meetings constantly for 6 months prepping for this and thinking through the logistics of each team. There are so many things to consider when you have this many people involved and so many responsibilities on the shoulders of leadership and team members. It's an amazing opportunity to be a part of this...our Church bleeds missions, so this trip has been talked about from the minute we arrived at Grace! The last one was so incredible in 2005, that the response and expectations of this trip are huge!

If you are interested, you can follow the trip with me through our Peru website here. There are daily updates, pictures, prayer requests, amazing stories, and even a place for you to send Travis an email that will be delivered to his hotel room at night!

Anyway, thank you for reading this so far! We would love your prayers for both of us over the next days. Here are the most recent requests from the website:

Prayer Requests:
- We must get the pacemakers out of customs for the Medical Team today by 12 noon! If we do not, we are going to lose a day or more of precious surgery time.
- For missing luggage to be accounted for and delivered to the hotel for 38 of our people.
- For Karin’s lost passport to be found and returned.

Praise Items:
- The Flom Family shipment cleared customs on 7/25! This was a very big deal for our Festival, as they had acquired some new items for the big stage at the Coliseum.
- 80 people received eyeglasses through Medical Team ministry today.
- The Lord opened up several closed venues for us after Callao Church Fasted and Prayed for 3 days. We can now work in. . .
* Ovalo Park all week
* Visit a large prison
* We were granted the permit to have our Parade

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sheltonfamily said...

Wow! It looks like an incredible trip with so many people involved. I love the texting picture. I think Mike's big thing is more checking his email/facebook on his iphone. Can't wait to see more pictures!