I love Skype!!

I had the best thing just happen to me, I am so thrilled I can hardly stand it! Before Travis left, we decided to download skype to my laptop, just in case we would be able to talk while he was in Peru. The odds of this whole thing working were incredibly slim, but I thought I should at least download it so we could give it a try. Let me give you some background first...

Lately our internet has been giving us fits and I've been shopping around, trying to find a better option. We have a wireless provider, but it's just been so unreliable and I find myself constantly fighting for a good connection. Recently we realized that we get the best signal out on our patio, which is fine, unless it's raining! But it also means that we can't get online while we're in our house...that's a pain.

Furthermore, we never get service in our bedroom, but tonight I was in bed, about to pray for Travis and his team when it occurred to me that I should go get my laptop and try to get on the church website for the prayer guide. I decided to do that, knowing that it would probably never work, and was shocked when I realized that I was actually getting a signal! So, I found the prayer guide and then went to my email and decided to send Travis an email, mainly to make myself feel better. I've been lonely today without him!

So there I am, emailing my heart out, when suddenly a screen pops up, saying I'm getting a call!! I didn't even know what it was because we never actually tried skype before he left, but suddenly I'm clicking on the "answer" button and before I know it, a live feed of Travis pops up!! I got to see him and talk to him for 15 minutes!!! That is like a total MIRACLE!! Remember I told you that our internet has been so bad lately?? Well during our conversation, I had a full signal and we could both hear each other perfectly! I am just so grateful to the Lord right now for that! I seriously can't believe that all just happened so perfectly and with no planning....God is so good to grant me a conversation with my husband when I needed it most. I am praising Him tonight!! Isn't that so cool?? I kind of want to scream and dance, but I think my neighbors might not appreciate that!! They all just heard my conversation anyway, since I ran with my computer to the porch while we were talking!! At least everyone will know how it's going in Peru!

Oh, and Travis is doing great! He looks handsome as ever and has had a great day! Seriously, he was so cute!! I think the distance between us just makes him hotter to me!! Sorry, back to business....everything on their prayer list was answered today and the parade that they had in Lima went off without a hitch. Keep praying!! God is working and doing amazing things already! I just had to share that story with you because I am so thrilled right now...I am going to lay my head on my pillow tonight after talking to my man all the way in Peru and watching him blow me a doesn't get much better than that!


Jordan said...

I LoVe your layout!

Would you please let me know how you got it and where I could get one from?!

Thank you SO much! :)


MiMi said...

That is SOOO awesome! Praising the Lord with you over a good talk with your man!


Faith said...

Hey girl,

That last comment was me, I was signed in under my moms account like a big dummy! Oops!!

The Martins said...

How cute! I'm so glad you got to talk to him. It is so hard when they leave the country and you can't talk to him as much. I know...when ed was in Peru in March it was very hard!

sheltonfamily said...

We love skype as well. We've gotten to chat a few times with people overseas. Ours was never as clear as yours was. What a neat answer to prayer! I hope your inet continues to work!

Noah and Tucker's Mom and Dad said...

so cool!! glad you got such an amazing gift!! it's okay for you to brag on travis a bit :) it's cute to hear!! by the way, i do have a current post and would love some comments!