How to LOVE my Husband WELL

Ladies, I have learned one of the secrets to my husband's heart. It took a little while for me to discover it and even longer for me to embrace it, but I have embraced it for some time now, and I have a very happy husband because of it.

Here's the secret: I LOVE ESPN.

I'm totally serious. I really, really love all things ESPN. I like the show, I like the stories behind the players, I like the sportscasters, I like the sports! And if you were to ask me what my favorite magazine is, I would shock you when I said, ESPN the Magazine! Travis will back this all up. When that magazine comes in the mail, and it comes like every 2 weeks (and it costs $10 a year) I immediately devour it! I love the satire in it, the sarcasm of the writers, and the drama behind every sport and most athletes. It's definately my favorite read! Crazy, isn't it?? I much prefer it to Martha Stewart or Southern Living, and I love those magazines too.

I think it helps that I played lots of sports, my Dad loves sports, and my Mom modeled how to be a good wife and watch them too! When Travis and I were first married, I used to get bugged by often he turned on Sportscenter at night. I could always think of several other things that I wanted to watch instead, but he LOVED getting caught up on all the days sports stories. So, we argued about it and one of us "won" but someone was usually irritated. I won't tell you who that was most of the time.... Anyway, it finally dawned on me one day to just shut my mouth and sit down and watch it with him. It wasn't a stretch for me because I really love college sports and I like watching NFL football, so I felt like I knew who they were talking about most of the time. What I didn't plan on was that I would become immediately hooked on everything else too!!! A new day dawned in the Armstrong house. We found something we could watch in agreement and in peace and that singe act of love has gotten me lots and lots of ground since then!!!

So last night, we came home from a mtg. and sat down to just unwind after a very busy and draining weekend. I saw that our DVR was recording something and then I realized the ESPY's were on! ESPN's version of a star-studded awards show. We turned it on and proceeded to laugh our heads off for 2 1/2 hours! Justin Timberlake hosted it and he was hilarious and incredibly talented at moving it right along. There were funny stories and lots of awards for things like "best upset", "best game", "best comeback story" and then several tear-jerker moments too! I seriously shed a couple of tears! If you have ESPN and especially if you have tivo or DVR, you should watch it. It was very, very funny!! I think you would love it and it might just be a road to your husband's heart!!

Now I'm no perfect wife and I have my moments when I tell Travis, "Ok, I need a break from all these sports!" Usually that comes after a playoff series or the super bowl, and then we watch some terribly girly thing like The Bachelor or something! Oh yes, he's realized that a it's a two way street too. For all you husbands who lurk on this blog, let that be a lesson to you too!
However, I'm just saying, maybe you should give ESPN a try!! Unless of course you married someone who doesn't like sports, and then I have no idea what you do with that. That concept is so foreign to my world, I wouldn't begin to give you advice!! But, if you married a sports fan, you will rock his world if he comes home and finds you watching a little ESPN!! Or reading the magazine, I bet you'd discover that the sports world is filled with drama, inspiring stories, unbelievable achievements and lots and lots of humor. I realize I may have just created a point of contention for you, so I'm going to leave it at that. But seriously, try it! You won't be the only female who likes Sportscenter!!!

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The Martins said...

Ok I totally am with you. I will watch ESPN when Ed isn't here. But last night we watched the ESPYs too. They were really good! It is also great when I can say "Oh I remember that" for each nominee.