Chillin' with the Parents

I have had a fun couple of days now, just hanging with my parents while Travis is gone. It's so nice that we are only a few hours apart, because we're able to spend long weekends together much easier than when we lived on the east coast. We haven't had much of an agenda, which is also nice, because all three of us just needed a few days to relax!

Today we went on a great walk in the morning with Ryley to Caribou Coffee and then we spent literally all day at Mall of America, shopping and eating. Mostly eating, if we're going to be honest! It's been great! The perfect distraction. Tomorrow we're doing more of the same, which sounds downright Heavenly.

I don't know who's enjoying this schedule more, me or Ryley! He is THRILLED to have my parents here, especially my Dad. I swear that dog wakes up happy and goes to sleep happy, just because he knows his favorite playmate is here! And he sleeps on pins and needles all night, just waiting to hear my Dad make a sound! If he so much as rolls over (my Dad), Ryley is right there by his side, with his big dog head resting on the mattress! He can barely make it that long without getting to play with him!! It's very cute.

I have been incredibly blessed to have talked to Travis every night on skype. It's really been amazing. I just love being able to see Him and to hear first hand how he is doing. Sounds like everything in Peru has gone smoothly so far, although tonight I'm anxious to talk to him because they held their first big crusade this evening at this coliseum they rented, so I'm hoping it was a success! So far the major prayer request is for one of our high school students who lost her passport...ironically her dad is our mission's pastor, so I'm sure they are sweating over that one!! Please pray with us that it will be found and returned by Sunday, when they have to fly home...I don't really know what you do without one in a foreign country? I'm sure they've been working to figure that out!!

Anyway, I'm trying to keep myself awake so I can chat with Travis tonight, and I thought blogging would help, but it seems to just be making me more tired!! Hope you're all having a great week! I'm going to try and do some internet surfing to keep me awake!!


Noah and Tucker's Mom and Dad said...

thank goodness for parents, right?!! they know how to help us relax and spoil us!! have a blast with them.

MiMi said...

Glad you and Ryley got to spend some "quality time" with your parents! I went to the Mall of America a few years ago when my son was at The Mayo Clinic and you COULD, literally, spend an entire day in that place! Unbelievable!

Glad you got to talk to Travis via Skype. Pretty amazing, huh? A friend of mine from Australia introduced me to Skype and it is a great way to "hook up" with people around the world. Amazing technology.

Have a great week!

Jesse and Stacie said...

That's cool about Skype- I've heard of it but didn't know what it was. I'm sure seeing him is very fun, rather than just talking on the phone. Does he have some time off after this trip??