Drippy Morning, Drippy Wife

Today is a day I've dreaded for the last 6 months. I've been preparing for awhile and I've made lots of plans to keep myself busy, but this morning d-day finally arrived! I took Travy to the airport at 9:30 am so he could get on a plane to Peru...He and about 300 other people from our church! I haven't talked much about it because I didn't want to think about it until I had to and I was bummed that I couldn't go with him. It will be an incredible trip I know, but that doesn't make sending your husband overseas any easier!

So, when we woke up this morning to thunderstorms and downpours of rain, I felt that was fitting. We drove to the airport in drippy, overcast weather and despite my best efforts, I found myself getting a little drippy too! However, once we got there and were busy with all the chaos that comes with getting 80 students/leaders on a plane, I quickly got over myself! And now the sun is shining, I'm sitting at a coffee shop, and I just got a text message saying their plane for Lima is leaving Atlanta.

Ok Lord, here we go! Missions trip 08 is now in full swing!! Don't feel too sorry for me, I've got lots going on in the next few days, including a visit from my parents tomorrow, so I'll be fine. But please pray for Travis and our church team when you think of it. I'll be updating you this week on what they're's pretty incredible. I took some good pictures this morning, but I forgot my usb cord, so I'll have to upload them later.

I'm headed home to chill with Ryley and start my list of "projects" for the week. Last year I painted a bathroom and a hallway, but I do not think I'm that ambitious this year!! We'll see how it goes, but I do have lots I want to get done. Happy Friday to you all! If you've had a drippy day too, I hope that the SON is shining now and warming you up! It's amazing what that SON can do!!


Faith said...

Hey Stephanie! I'm so sorry that you have had a drippy day. I would too if my man was leaving for a while. Have you been with him before?

Peru....that is so cool!! Our missions pastor just got back from a visionary trip to see about what we could do there. Hmmmm...I wonder if the Lord is trying to tell me something with Peru coming up again???

Anyway, I will be praying for Travis, the entire team, and for you! Have fun and try to keep busy!

Noah and Tucker's Mom and Dad said...

we'll definitely be praying for travis and the crew. i know it's hard being "left", but make the most of this time for Jesus to refresh you. have a blast with your parents and i know you'll get alot of projects done b/c you're just like that!!!