Happy 4th of July!!

Part of the fireworks finale in Stillwater, MN, on the banks of the St. Croix River

Travy and I sitting by the river, waiting for the fireworks to start. This was our third year in Stillwater with the Family Camp high school counselors! It's a tradition we love!

We always stake our claim to a spot by the river early in the day, and then spend several hours trying to pass the time while we wait. Card games are always a good diversion!

Ellie and Ryan came with us to Stillwater and we ended up getting caught in a terrible traffic jam on the way back to camp!

One of our high school students brought his violin with him to pass the time and ended up playing for the crowd and making $35! He is an amazing musician and a really fun kid, so it was hilarious to see a crowd watching and clapping for him while we all waited!

Our High School Pastor Jason and his wife Greta...and my pink purse. I can't explain that.

Goofy Youth Pastors doing goofy things...Jason and Travis are so alike it's scary sometimes....and great too!

Jason and Travis, doing what they do CONSTANTLY, texting! Greta and I laughed when we spotted this, because it's a sight we both see often!!

Greta, Jason's wife, and I....waiting in the sun and laughing together!

One of my favorite friends, Julie, our Children's director at Church.

Look at the big bug! Yuck! Leif pretended to eat it, much to our horror! Thank goodness he did not.

Our friend Leif found this bug and then let it crawl all over his face while the women and children (including me) squealed and screamed!

Travis stole that Uncle Sam hat from one of the kids for this picture! He later gave it back!

Me and the some sweet junior high girls!

Our crazy friend Leif! He is a great guy, but you can't turn your back on him! He's always up to something!!


sheltonfamily said...

Okay we are having some big problems with these pictures... What is up with Travy wearing Mike's shirt and his beloved tar heel hat? Did Travy steal it cause we can't find it anywhere! ha ha! So glad you all had a good time...

Stephanie said...

Funny Holly!! Travis loves that shoreline shirt because it's so stretchy and soft and I like it because it's fitted! He just bought that hat in April when we were in Florida, so it isn't Mike's....but, he does also love it and wears it constantly! I hope Mike finds his soon!

Faith said...

I have been catching up on what all y'all have been up to! You guys have had so much going on! Glad you are doing well and that you had a wonderful fourth of July. Love seeing all the pictures and reading about the fun you've had!
Glad you guys are doing well, and I hope that this week is wonderful! Praying for you Stephanie! Love and hugs! Faith