A Midsummer Night's Dream!

We had a fantastic night on Saturday night because we got to participate in a wedding proposal for our dear friends, Ryan and Ellie. Ryan asked Travis if we'd help awhile ago and we were thrilled! We've been discipling each of them for a long time now and we knew this day was coming. Of course it was amazing and Ellie was very surprised and thrilled. We are so happy for them and honored to be a part of their big day. Thought you might like the pictures!

This gorgeous gazebo was the perfect backdrop to an exciting memory!!

A walk of joy, only two people who just got engaged can pull off!!!

Travis and Ryan....Trav has been discipling Ryan for a long time and was very smart to keep this whole thing a secret from me until the bitter end!!

My sweet friend Ellie has been waiting for this day for quite some time!!

Oh yeah, a gondola ride...that's romantic!

Ryan took Ellie on a scavenger hunt around this park...very nicely done by the way!

The hunt ended with Ryan waiting in this gazebo. Ellie had to get poems and clues from different couples along the way and we were her first stop. She was very confused to see us!!

Here's the group who participated, watching anxiously for them to step out of the gazebo and tell us if she said yes!! Although we knew she would!

Congratulations Ryan and Ellie! We love you and can't wait for God to complete the good work He's started in you!


Faith said...

That is SOOO sweet!!! I love the pic of them are right, so full of joy! I remember that day, even though it has been almost 9 years!

What a neat thing to be a part of! You and Travis are so special and I'm sure they were thrilled to have you be a part of that special day!

Kelly said...

What a cute couple. That is so sweet. So neat that you got to be part of it!